Why You Need To Switch Off

It might seem a little hypocritical of me to tell you to take some time off from the interwebs, as I’m in the middle of Blogmas right now and I don’t have the opportunity to do so myself. But it doesn’t matter if it’s impossible for you right now – we just need a reminder now and then to be truly mindful of the way we use technology and the internet and to reconsider whether our current use is positive and healthy. Leading up to Blogmas, I spent five days at the beach with absolutely no reception. I was so used to constantly checking my phone, even if I wasn’t actually contributing to social media, that it was actually really hard for me to think up things to do when scrolling Instagram wasn’t an option, and that definitely shocked me. I’m addicted to my phone and laptop, and that’s not healthy. So I’m challenging myself (and you should, too) to plan what I use my technology for, use it mindfully and then switch off when I no longer need it.


Some tips for switching off…

Set time limits each day for ‘tech time’ and try not to go outside them. For example, refrain from using your phone until 8am and then not past 6pm.

Turn your phone on flight mode and the computer off at the powerpoint for night time (or a whole weekend! Challenge yourself!).

Write a list of exactly what you need to complete today, with three prioritised tasks, and then schedule in something not screen related to do after you complete them all.

Take a weekend or a night off and head into the wilderness. No reception, no connection. Listen and look at your surroundings.

If you’re in the business of social media or blogging, prepare some posts ahead of time and leave them scheduled to go up automatically.

Set aside one hour a day to do something you love outdoors. Go for a run, meet with friends at a cafe, take the dog for a walk, do some gardening.

Mute or turn off notifications on your phone for a day.


Photos are taken at Kioloa Beach Holiday Park.


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