What I Wore: The Melbourne Capsule Wardrobe

Melbourne is such a diverse city. On the one hand, it has an old (by Australian standards) and rich history, and, on the other, it is home to a thriving underground community of young artists and activists. Walking through the CBD feels like any other large city, with its huge designer shops and bustling, suited crowds of people. But as soon as you venture down a backstreet or alleyway, the vibrancy of streetart and packed coffee shops transports you to a different world.

Despite only visiting Melbourne twice, it has always held a special place in my heart – it is the Berlin of Australia. I got so caught up in my couple days sightseeing a few weeks ago that I forgot to take many outfit pictures, even after packing my suitcase full of clothes with the very intention of finding some great outfit shooting locations. Oh well. Here’s a condensed capsule wardrobe of what I wore in Melbourne.

Business Boho

You know when you purchase a new wardrobe addition and then never take it off? That was me with this new OXFORD wool-blend jacket. It kept me warm and cosy for the 10-degree days, which I paired with a white blouse, a-line black skirt and green suede boots to keep it chic but casual.


Sporty Streetsmart

I’ve had these Nike leggings for absolutely ages and they were my saviour for the 20kms of walking we did through Fitzroy (from coffee shop to coffee shop!). I paired them with a simple grey tee and my favourite Levi’s denim jacket for a relaxed vibe.