The Ordinary: Worth the Hype?

We’ve all heard of The Ordinary – a skincare (mostly) brand that boasts ingredients found in high-end skincare products for a fraction of the price. But for all the hype, they were definitely hard to get a hold of – and are they even worth it? Ronja to the rescue.

I’m a big believer in a regular skincare routine to keep your skin as healthy and young as possible for as long as possible, but I’ll let you in on a secret – I’m really quite lazy when it comes to skincare. If you give me more than 3 steps, it’s usually out the window. But for these colder months, my poor dry and sensitive skin has had quite a battering and I’m trying to up the ante on my skincare routine to give it a bit of a help out. I was definitely keen to try out The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid to help lock in the moisture at a fraction of other serums like the AHA Hyaluronic, so I went onto ASOS with the intention of just buying the one – and then filling the cart with some more of range because they were so cheap…

So… my thoughts. After trialing each of the products for a good two weeks (and not having a reaction to any of them, thank goodness), I thought I’d sit down and have a run through for you guys on 1) exactly what each product does and how to use it (because it’s a bit confusing), and 2) whether I thought it was any good and worth the hype.

Let’s get into it.







The Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%: A Brightening Serum with Stabilized Vitamin C Derivative.

What a mouthful. However, this is probably my favourite product (what happened to saving the best to last..). This can be used day and night mid-routine (a.k.a. right before you put your final moisturiser on), but I tend to use it only in the mornings when my skin is looking a little grey and perhaps a little tired. It seems to tighten the skin and give it more of a glow (which I’m all for) and it’s very gentle. Out of all the products, except maybe the Hyaluronic Acid below, this makes the most visual difference to my skin. Definitely worth the $10 price tag and more. (After note: I couldn’t find a link to it on ASOS anymore – sad face – they must be sold out!)







The Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5: A Hydration Support Formula with Ultra-Pure, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid

This is the good stuff. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the skin and is used in skincare products before moisturisers because it locks in something like 5000 times its weight in moisture. It’s basically a chemical sponge. It’s great for people like me who have naturally very dry skin and is best used before your final moisturiser both day and night. The texture of The Ordinary’s acid is quite fluid but surprisingly sticky – something I wouldn’t like if I didn’t put a cream straight on afterwards. It does do a very good job, though, and I’ve heard raving reviews from friends who use higher end acids – definitely worth the price. $13.50 from ASOS.







The Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%: A Mild Lactic Acid Superficial Peeling Formulation

Again, for those with sensitive or dry skin, lactic acid peels are definitely more suitable than abrasive physical exfoliants (I always go bright red and super inflamed when I use exfoliators with microbeads in them). This one is a little strong, so you can dilute it in your moisturiser in the evening until your skin develops more of a tolerance to the acid. There are warnings on the back of the bottle about Alpha Hydroxl Acid (the second ingredient in the name) and how it increases the skin’s sensitivity to sunburn, which all sounds very scary, but it’s a very easy product to use in the evening before bed and you wake up with super smooth skin. Think of it as an overnight facial. The Lactic Acid is $13.50 off of ASOS for 30ml, but you only use a few drops every couple of days so it lasts a long time.







The AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution: 10-Minute Exfoliating Facial, pH -3.6

Similar to the peeling solution above, but with a higher concentration, this solution is meant to be used on the skin only occasionally and for 10-minutes at a time. Use it after a good cleanse, making sure the skin is dry, as a mask to chemically exfoliate the deeper levels of skin. Again, because it has high levels of AHA, it will increase the skin’s sensitivity to sun and it’s best to use a good SPF during the days following because it will strip some of the external layers of skin. I was a bit wary, but had no adverse effects – with any skin products, just test it on the inside of your elbow before using it to see if your skin reacts. It gave my skin a nice fresh, squeaky-clean feeling, which I then topped off with a good, thick overnight moisturiser. The AHA solutions is $14.50 from ASOS, and will again last forever.








Last, but not least, The High-Spreadability Fluid Primer: Spreadability-Enhancing Lightweight Surface Smoother and Primer.

Boy, oh, boy, is this a good one. The consistency is somewhere between a gel and a fluid, which is interesting, to say the least, for a primer. However, it glides on beautifully and sits, slightly tacky, under makeup. I tend not to wear too much foundation, but this is perfect for keeping under eye concealer in place, without all the creasing I normally get. Use the primer after your skincare routine and before applying makeup. It can also be use under eyeshadow to make it last longer. Definitely worth a purchase. $12.50 from ASOS (plus you get a sneaky 10% discount through UniDays if you’re a student. You’re welcome).

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