The Affordable Makeup Brand You Need In Your Life #beautyredefined

To celebrate the launch of the Canberra Centre’s new beauty precinct, I’ve decided to write a couple posts in line with their hashtag #beautyredefined. Before I delve into this blog post, if you haven’t yet popped by to see the new stores, I would highly recommend it! Joining the old beauty-based stores like Jurlique and the Body Shop, Mecca Maxima and 3INA (pronounced MEE-NAH) have opened permanent stores in the beauty wing and they’re definitely worth a squizz. I had a bit of a wild shopping trip on last weekend (after meeting Lola Berry at the wellness and beauty masterclass – you can see photos on my Instagram HERE), and picked up a few goodies from 3INA which blew me away.

What is 3INA, I hear you say? Cruelty-free, affordable and direct from Spain. They’re a full collection beauty company (the range includes nail polishes, eye shadows, foundation, lipstick and more) with every colour under the sun – and they encourage you to use them. Their slogan is literally:

“Beauty without expression is boring.”

I’m on board.

But how do the products rate? From my limited testing (I only purchased the three nail polishes you see in the photos to take home, and did a few swatches in store), I was incredibly pleasantly surprised. $9.50 nail polishes aren’t usually up to scratch, but even the lightest possible shade was almost completely opaque with one coat (what). I’ve been wearing two coats of the light blush colour (112) for three days now without a single chip (and I didn’t purchase a top coat), despite a workout and multiple sessions of washing up. They take a bit to dry – probably doesn’t help that our central heating is kaput – but then they do not budge, and the brush has the right amount of product on it each time, making it very easy to apply. If it shows anything, I’m definitely planning another trip in to splash out and try (yes, this is happening) their fluroscent glow-in-the-dark colours with making cream eyeshadows. Because you only live once, right?

Shop 3INA

3INA is located in the newly refurbished Monaro Mall at the Canberra Centre. Visit to find out more about upcoming events and stores at the new beauty precinct, and use #beautyredefined to join the conversation.

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