The State Theatre Co.’s Sense and Sensibility


Over a week ago, I was invited along to the Canberra opening night of the State Theatre Company‘s Sense and Sensibility production. I had intended to write a review straight away – I loved it so much, I wanted everyone to see it – but, unfortunately, the past week got away from me. I then went to go start my review last Wednesday, only to find that I’d taken too long and all the media access photos had been taken down from the collective DropBox folder. I looked on the State Theatre Company’s website and found the tour had ended and they were no longer going to any further cities. I could’ve just given up then – but I DESPERATELY wanted people to know how much I enjoyed it, how brilliant and witty it was, and how excited I am for whatever comes next from the State Theatre this year. So here is my collage, a homage to the State Theatre Company’s Sense and Sensibility ’18.

I, having read other Jane Austen but not Sense and Sensibility, walked into the theatre a little apprehensive about the 3 hour long performance a day ahead of two of my major exams for the year. It’s very hard to make me feel awake and excited and engaged after about 5pm in the evening, so I was worried my friend would have to nudge me awake midway through. I needn’t have worried, however – the time flew by and I was enthralled from the get-go. The actors (including a superb performance by Nathan O’Keefe whom I recognised from last year’s The Popular Mechanicals) were everywhere, everything at once – cross-dressing, gossiping, throwing chairs and props across the stage, and entertaining us with roller-skates and ukuleles during interludes. It could’ve been too much, but it was all executed with impeccable comedic timing – the wittiness and silliness highlighting the absurdities of mating rituals in 18th century English society. I felt it was a real tribute to the intentions of Jane Austen – a critical, satirical commentary on a woman’s dependence on a suitable husband in order to make it anywhere in life and society, with a huge dash of self-deprecating humour for good measure. In case you couldn’t already tell – I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVED. IT.

I would highly recommend you keep an eye out for any State Theatre Company productions coming your way – you can visit their website HERE.

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*Disclaimer: I attended as a guest of the Canberra Theatre Centre. However, all opinions remain my own. For more about my disclosure policy, click HERE.