Ronja, What Happened To Your Blog?

If you’ve been following for a while, you might have noticed something a little strange the last few days. All my posts are gone. And, unfortunately, they won’t be coming back. I made the error of not saving all the data from this blog onto my computer while I was transferring hosting companies (if you don’t know what this means, a hosting provider is a company that stores all the data for a website on a computer somewhere in the world and you pay a monthly fee to use their remote storage and processing power for your website) and my data got lost in the process. I did have a little cry and pretty much have been beating myself up about it the last couple days, but sh** happens and you move on.

There were a lot of posts that I was really proud of and had worked hard on, so I’ll try to reupload a few of the ones I still have pictures for. But otherwise it’s just moving forward from now on. Hopefully you’ll see some new content appearing pretty regularly – I’m very excited for things to come.

You can find some more of my writing at the Fashion & Beauty Appreciation Society ANU’s blog.