My New-In Beauty Mecca Splurge (oops)

Before the end of the financial year, I’d been working a little bit more (here’s me trying to justify my spending) and I decided that I’d had these items waiting in my online checkout on Mecca for long enough – it was time to buy them. I made careful calculations about how often I thought I’d use the products, given their hype, and chose them based on practicality, my personal style and (let’s face it) the packaging. Whoever said to not judge a book by its cover? Not me. Without further ado, here are my three new-in beauty favourites. Enjoy.

Too Face Natural Love palette. Ohhhh myyyy. This one’s a beauty. Think the Urban Decay Naked3 palette but double the size at the same cost. This has every neutral shade, in shine or matte, that you could ever need, plus a couple of the on-trend more coppery shades. I’ve read some reviews that criticise the matte to shine ratio – there’s definitely a lot more shimmers than mattes – but I think there are the essentials and then plenty of pigmented shimmer colours to go to town with, so it really doesn’t bother me. As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of eyeshadow (or makeup in general), this is the perfect palette to get the right mixture of in- and out- of the comfort zone. The only downfall is that there is a lot of fall out in the palette, and thus it might be quite easy to hit pan on those couple favourite shades.

The Lancome Matte Shakers. I loved the idea of these from the get-go: a light pigment that dries to the lips in seconds, making it easy to eat and get on with the day without touching up. However, when they arrived and I opened one up to see the applicator was HUGE and made of some sort of cotton bud material I was a bit worried. I’m pretty bad at applying lipstick on the best of days and these just looked cumbersome. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were actually super easy to apply evenly within the natural shape of my lips, even if the applicator tended to have a bit too much product on it after a shake. They dried really quickly, although didn’t dry out my lips, and then WOULDN’T BUDGE. That’s a thumbs up from me.

The YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation. I’m not a foundation girl. Previous foundations I’ve tried either break me out or look super cakey on my fair skin. I don’t like the ‘makeup’ look, so most often I just use concealer to touch up dark circles and a couple extra rosy spots and then leave my skin as is. But IF I were to wear foundation, it would be the YSL cushion foundation. It is super light coverage – just sort of smooths and evens the natural colour of my face (I use colour 10), and gives it a slightly glossy finish, similar, again, to my natural look. It is pretty pricey and I’m not sure how long a cushion foundation will last (I’m guessing quite a bit less than a liquid pump), but for a not-so-often foundation user like me it’s pretty perfect. Plus, look at how beautiful the packaging is. *heart eyes emoji*

I’ve used the Lancome Matte Shaker in Kiss Me Cherie on my lips, the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation in 10 as a base, the Too Faced Natural Love palette in Hot & Bothered and Honeymoon on my eyes, and the palette again in Satin Sheets as a highlight on my cheeks.