Keeping It Simple

I love skincare. I hoard it like there’s no tomorrow. I feel pampered when I choose between my creams and my balms and my lotions, day and night, conjuring up the ‘perfect’ routine. But sometimes it becomes so complicated that I go the complete other extreme and forget about skincare altogether – I’m a busy woman and sometimes it’s just too much hassle (you feel me?). To help my skin rejuvenate through the winter and transition into the warmer months, I’ve just cut the crap and simplified. It’s the same with exercise – it doesn’t matter whether you’re using fancy equipment or a towel on your floor, it’s consistency that’s key. So this is my current routine that I use every day… just four products.

Firstly, I start off with my cleanser. I was gifted this Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser from the wonderful girls at, but I honestly could just rave on and on about it all day – I’ll definitely be purchasing another bottle when I run out. It can go on wet or dry skin, remove makeup, exfoliate with a muslin cloth and it never makes my skin feel either dried out or oily. It’s a creamy consistency and smells mildly botanical – if you’re fussy with fragrances like me, this is a godsend. I’ve discovered cleansing in the shower – it makes morning routines so much more efficient and I’m not constantly worried about getting cleanser in my hair because it’ll just wash out anyway. If your skin is sensitive or on the dry side, the aloe vera is super soothing – and (even when it’s that time of the month) I haven’t gotten a single breakout since using it.

In the morning, I add one more step to my shower routine. After a quick cleanse, I’ll go in with the Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant. It’s a powder (surprised me, too, the first time I used it) that you mix with a couple drops of water in your hand and then massage into your face for roughly a minute before washing off. It could potentially be quite messy but, again, I use it in the shower and it’s super easy. It has no microbeads, so it’s great for sensitive skin, and it just helps to brighten and refresh the skin. I was dubious about it smelling of ‘papaya and pineapple’ as the ingredients state, but, like the cleanser, it has a very mild, clean scent so¬†thumbs up from me.

I’ve been skipping any type of toner as I’ve found it doesn’t make much of a difference to my skin currently – in fact, some toners tend to irritate my skin – and going straight into re-hydrating. I’ve consistently using The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 before my moisturiser to help my skin suck up and retain its moisture, and then finishing off with the Cancer Council Face Day Wear Sunscreen with SPF 30 to rehydrate and provide an SPF alone or below any makeup I use. If you have a problem with sticky or oily sunscreens, give this one a go – it’s silky and creamy without being heavy.

And then I’m done. 5 minutes, day and night, giving my skin exactly what it needs and no more. Sometimes simple is better.

*Disclaimer: I was gifted the Alpha-H products in this post, but was under no obligation to promote and all opinions are my own. All other products have been bought with my own money. Some links may be affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure policy HERE.

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