FASHFEST Model Casting Countdown

Photo credit Dan Cumins

Canberra’s FASHFEST has announced the model casting date for the 2017 shows, and it’s just around the corner. Walking the FASHFEST runway is a fantastic opportunity for first-time and experienced models alike, and, bonus, you don’t have to look like Giselle. Just as the designers showcasing at FASHFEST offer varied approaches to fashion and dressing for your body, they’re seeking models of all ages, body types and ethnicities to represent on the catwalk. The only requirement is that you are 16 years old at the date of FASHFEST’s 2017 commencement and that you’re willing to give it a go. Casting will be held on 4th June.

Photo credit Dan Cumins

One of the other major aspects of FASHFEST every year is the talent behind the makeup artistry. If you’re not so keen on being the face of FASHFEST through modelling, perhaps your interest lies in creating the face. FASHFEST have opened up applications for freelance and independent makeup artists and are searching for versatile and creative enthusiasts. I know fashion shows are primarily about the clothes, but some of the past creations in makeup at FASHFEST are beyond amazing. However, if you’re studying at CMA, for example, make sure to check how to apply through your academy, as a lot of schools have their own separate pathways to applying for the FASHFEST 2017 makeup team.

 Applications for modelling are available HERE.

Applications for makeup are available HERE.

And designer applications are still open until close of business today! Apply HERE.

FASHFEST 2017 will take place 28-30 September.