Don’t Wait Until Summer To Get Your Glow #beautyredefined

Can we just start this post with a little disclaimer? I bought this palette as a mistake. Ha ha, what? When I was in Mecca Maxima at the Canberra Centre for the first time since it opened, it was so busy that I sort of just grabbed bits and pieces and fled – I got this vibrant By Terry Sun Designer palette in Tropical Break instead of the one in the colour Savannah Love, which is a bit more subdued, which was what I originally went in to get. I opened it up at home, a bit dismayed at how BAM IN YOUR FACE the blush colours were, and couldn’t return it because I’d ripped the packaging open in my excitement to try it out. HOWEVER, even on my ghostly white complexion, the colours were easy enough to work with and are actually quite pretty. Definitely a palette I’ll be returning to, not only when summer arrives, but to give me a healthy glow in the cooler months. Why wait until summer to get your glow on?

I’ve always had a funny relationship with bronzer and blush. As a very rosy-cheeked girl, my main aim for years was to cover up my natural beetroot colour – I never wore blush, because what was the point? I’m also very pale and don’t have naturally defined cut-throat cheekbones or a jawline, so dusty bronzer always seemed to make me look like I had dirt on my face. Good look. But I’ve been experimenting more lately – inspired by #beautyredefined – and have finally come to the realisation that perhaps these full-on makeup guru tutorials on heavy contouring are not for me, but I can still use the products to redefine our conception of beauty and enhance my features MY way. A dash of the gorgeous blush and lilac toned bronzers from the palette in a sweep around the outer edges of my face can create definition between my face and my face and compliment my skin tone, and the teeniest bit of the pink can highlight the natural colour of my cheekbones. I can use the gold shimmer to accent my eyes, or go all out with a combination of the pink and the orange. In short, I can do whatever the hell I want. When it comes to beauty, there are no rules that you need to adhere to. The great thing about the online beauty community is the variety of looks and experimentation – we have creative freedom to look and feel how we want.

The By Terry Sun Designer Palette is available online at Mecca HERE.

Join the conversation around your own beauty perspective with #beautyredefined, and check out the new Canberra Centre Beauty Precinct HERE.

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