CARDIF Collective’s Fashion Alley: Canberra’s Emerging Fashion Scene

Above: Hana Apparel Designs

FASHFEST is a long way away for most fashion-hungry Canberrans, so I pretty much jumped with joy at the opportunity to attend the CARDIF Collective Fashion Alley showcase. CARDIF Collective in Kingston is a combined retail outlet and collection of workshops for local fashion designers and artists, and they house some of best and most well-known Canberran designers, including FASHFEST favourites, Zilpah Tart, Hunter the Label, and Corr Blimey. This Saturday is the Collective’s first ever Fashion Alley, an outdoor alleyway showcase of autumn/winter collections by more than 15 labels over 6 runway segments, combined with a free art exhibition, silent auction, and launches of Thunder Thighs (a new label celebrating pear-shaped women) and KinderHoonz (children’s wear).

Above: Hunter the Label

Other labels include:

Hana Apparel

Persian influences from designer Neda¬†Alemohammad’s Iranian heritage combined with sophisticated Western shapes.


Melbourne-based mono-tonal women’s label curated and sold through CARDIF Collective.


Vibrant colours and geometric patterns, with a retro feel, sure to brighten up any wardrobe.


Recycled and reworked op-shop discards by designer Hanny Dewar that breathe again with new life as one-off designer pieces.

Above: Zilpah Tart

Below: Kinderhoonz

Not only does this event celebrate local, slow fashion, all proceeds will be donated to charity, including those from the two auctions, to support the Red Heart Foundation and the Lost and Found initiative (helping victims of domestic violence) –¬†awesome.¬†Tickets start at $35 and tables of 4 or 6 are available, so grab some friends together and enjoy some champagne and fashion. Tickets can be purchased at

See you there!