Blogging on the Go: My Essentials

The greatest thing about blogging is the fact you can do it anywhere. Nowadays, you can even write blog posts, jot down notes, and take photos with your mobile phone (there’s an app for that!). Everyone has a different routine down pat, but I thought I’d share my essentials for running, writing and finding inspiration for my blog.

Get yourself a camera.

Photos on your iPhone look nice on a smaller screen, but nothing really beats a DSLR. I’ve got an entry-level Canon (1200, if you’re interested) which was cheap, is easy to use and takes pretty good photos. If you want to upgrade, more expensive lenses can give you that blurry-background look – or if you’re a seasoned photographer, you can go for a higher end model. Make sure you purchase a UV filter for your lens, though, it’ll smash instead of your lebs if your camera falls and they’re easily replacable.

Have an online backup system.

I use Google Photos to back up all my pictures on my phone and laptop and it means I can easily access them anywhere, and I won’t lose all my hardwork. Microsoft OneDrive is a good alternative.

Carry an A6 notebook.

I use a very cute Kikki.K 2017 diary to brainstorm and schedule posts and it’s so handy. Anytime, you get inspiration, jot it down. If you’re not a stationery freak like me, you can use a notes app on your phone.

Manage your time.

It’s not easy keeping track of what’s happening in all aspects of your life, and I know many bloggers actually have full-time work or study. Set a realistic goal – for example, posting once or twice a week – and then decide on a day and time that you can set aside each week to dedicate to your blog. I don’t have any lectures on a Friday, so I use the Friday morning to write up a couple posts and plan the week ahead.

Download the app.

If you use WordPress or Blogger for your blog, downloading the app means you can upload photos and reply to comments on the go. If you’re especially busy, scheduling apps for social media are also great for posting on Instagram or Facebook when you know you won’t have time.

Seek inspiration everywhere.

The most important aspect of a blog, in my opinion, is letting your creativity flow. Actively seek out inspiration – go to a new coffee shop, meet up with other bloggers, read a magazine – and blogging will come easily – and you’ll enjoy it.

What are your tips for blogging on the go?