An Update on My Bullet Journal

It’s time for another bullet journal post! I like starting each year with a fresh diary, full of new resolutions and promises of fresh starts, so I picked up a new Leuchtturm dotted journal in December to put together my diary/calendar for 2018. I’ve changed a few things around, worked out what I used and didn’t use last year, so I thought I’d let you know how I’ve set up my bullet journal for this year. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration and might find some things that could work for you, too!

Setting up each month as a calendar at the beginning of the journal

As a very visual person, the original month at a glance in list style was very difficult to get used to, and I found I was running out of room when I had multiple events or meetings on for each day. I’ve set up a more traditional overview of each month for 2018 at the very start of the journal, so I can immediately put in tasks or events for months in advance if I know when they’re going to happen, and I’ve got the space to jot down five or six major events for each day. It took me a while to set these up (I sat down and watched two seasons of The IT Crowd while drawing them all up) but now I can see exactly what my year ahead is looking like. I’ve got tabs on the side, too, for easy access to each month.

Combining everything – work, blog, projects, everyday life – into one bullet journal

I had a separate bullet journal for blog and creative projects for most of last year – but I just didn’t use it. Although I might go through all the pages of this bullet journal quite quickly, I like having everything in one place – it makes it a lot easier to see exactly what tasks for my various projects needs to be completed each day. I’ve got a blog schedule for each month next to the monthly calendar spread and a notes place for each month for what I need to accomplish for the ANU Fashion and Beauty Society. I’ve added a Stats Tracker for all of the different platforms I manage and I can see exactly where I can improve and work on.

Having a ‘dreams’ page

I spoke about this in one of my latest blog posts, but ‘goals’ seem too scary, whereas for ‘dreams’ I think as broadly and as aspirationally (if that’s a word) as I wish. I don’t think I had a goals page in my last bullet journal, but I think it’s a nice thing to have close to the start of the journal, just to give you the occasional reminder of exactly what you want to accomplish. Mine range from relationships to uni to creative projects to holiday destinations. Think big – don’t limit yourself.

Putting down tasks as I go – not planning too far ahead

Previously, I would right down each day of the week ahead and the tasks assigned to each day, but I found I was wasting space and not referring to them very much. This year, I make a list of daily tasks either the night before or in the morning and just give it space to grow. Any tasks that don’t get completed will get migrated to the next day or I’ll decide they’re not important anymore and just cross them off. This means I don’t start the week overwhelmed by the tasks ahead, and I only use space on the page when I need it.