A Perfect Trip to Venice

For my 19th birthday, I was gifted – wait for it – a trip to Venice. Living in Europe means that isn’t quite as extravagant as it may seem, but it was definitely a hell of a birthday present. My birthday also falls around the week of Mothers’ Day, so it was a perfect opportunity for my mum, my grandmother and I to all spend some quality time together. We were so lucky to get wonderful sunny weather for the 24 hours I was there (I was flying back to Germany the following day) and we definitely made the most of it. If you’re ever in Venice, here are some of the things we did.

Ate all the food. Venice was actually surprisingly cheap for food (who wudda fought it?) so we had a huge buffet style breakfast and I ate a lot of pizza. I apologise to the waiter who did not look at all surprised when the entire family ordered margharitas, but it was worth it.

Spent a lot of time on a ferry. If you’re not up for walking, the ferry is basically the only way to get around Venice. Plus, it was basically a cheaper city tour. Venice architecture is beautiful from the water.

Went shopping. Venice, like any tourist city, is a hotspot for shops. You can go into the city centre for the luxury Italian fashion labels, or (like I did) walk through back alleys until you stumble upon handcrafted leather handbags. My mum went especially crazy and came home with three.

People-watch. There’s a thousand other things to do in Venice – I didn’t go to any museums or galleries because of my short time there – but sometimes it’s nice to just sit in a café with the people you love and watch the goings-on in the street. The café owners do it, too – in fact, don’t get alarmed if they’ll sit and have a chat with you as well. Venice is a place of slowness – ferries and cafés and watching.

What would you do if you had 24 hours in Venice?