5 Highlights of November

December’s here, which means November is gone (duh), which means – it’s time for my five highlights of November! November was a crazy month for me – it included my three exams, becoming President of a uni society and then completely shutting off for five days down at the South Coast with no phone reception or internet. Here were my top highlights:

Finishing my exams

I’m only halfway through my undergraduate studies, but getting through my exams (and then getting the grades back and being happy with them) was definitely a highlight, if only from the relief that I felt when I realised as I sat down to write on my exam papers that I actually knew what it was about. I took uni slower this semester and dropped a course, and the easier workload definitely showed through my ability to better cope with the stress of assessment and understand all the content.

Attending a cocktail party at the Swiss Embassy

Eh what?! Yep, I wrote that right, I went to the Swiss embassy for a cocktail event to celebrate a number of people from my German course who won awards for their essays this semester. It was a bit of a surreal experience, and definitely a bittersweet moment – many of my classmates had completed their minor and will no longer be continuing their language courses with me, so it was almost like a farewell party.

Deciding to do Blogmas

I’ve always wanted to do Blogmas, but (I think it was a confidence issue) never got around to it. Deciding to do Blogmas this year was a huge step for me – to the voices in my head telling me I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it, that I wasn’t interesting enough or somehow didn’t have the right, I ended up just saying ‘f*ck it’. Doing daily posts has given me such a boost in inspiration and happiness, even if it is a little stressful.

Seeing the sea again

The last time I took time off for a holiday and went away was in April, so I was very excited to get away and just have a breather and a change of scenery. Spending a few days down at the coast gave me some headspace and the opportunity to totally log off from everything and not worry about anything except what book I was going to read next.

Being elected the 2018 President of the ANU Fashion and Beauty Society

This was a total dream come true. I love creative projects to put my all into, and being the leader of an amazing creative team is so exciting. As well as Blogmas, I’m currently organising all the events for the ANU Fashion Society for 2018, so it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster and my days are pretty crazy busy. BUT I LOVE IT. If you’re interested in keeping up with what we’ve got planned for next year, just click HERE.

What have been your highlights of November? Don’t forget to check out my other Blogmas posts (one up every day until Christmas!), and enter my skincare giveaway HERE.