5 Highlights of July

August is here. What. I know, right? In the world of blogging and entrepreneurs (am I allowed to call myself that?), it’s not very easy to either focus on the present or look back on the past – it’s a constant evolving, moving forward process. So I thought it might be nice to start a new series here on my blog with 5 highlights from each month, to share things with you that I’m proud to have achieved, or just stand-out events or memories-in-the-making from this past month. If you have 5 (or another number) of things that really stand out for you, too, let’s have a sharing party in comments down below!

  1. KEEPING ON TOP OF THREE POSTS A WEEK. *pat on the back* This has been a previous struggle of mine over the last year of blogging, but I finally achieved it. I now have a weekly brainstorming session, prewrite (most) of my blog posts and set aside time every couple weeks to have a massive photoshoot session. It’s happening, slowly but surely. If you haven’t yet noticed, my posts go live every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at around 9am (sick organisation, bruh) – but if you can’t be bothered to keep track of all that, I’ve also got a weekly newsletter that goes out on a Sunday with all the new posts for the week.
  2. THE CANBERRA CENTRE’S NEW BEAUTY PRECINCT LAUNCH. This was an exciting week for all of us in little ol’ Canberra. With a Mecca Maxima, nail bar and new spa opening up, things got a little spendy. I have so much love for the relaunched Monaro Mall and the holistic approach to beauty that the new space has inspired – the beauty and health masterclasses have all been wonderfully executed, and I’m very much looking forward to participating in their 7am complimentary yoga classes.
  3. READING. I had my uni mid-year break for the majority of July and it was wonderful to just take some time out to read and watch Netflix. I discovered that I hadn’t yet caught up on the fourth season of Orphan Black (cue the binge-watching), and I made my way slowly through the pile of inspirational books in my 3 BOOKS ON MY READING LIST TO KICK MY BUTT INTO ACTION blog post at the beginning of the month. Although the break didn’t feel like much of a holiday (my immune system crashed at the end of the last semester and I’ve been struggling to get my health back on track ever since), it was wonderful to just read because I wanted to, not because I had to.
  4. MY FITNESS JOURNEY. Remember that blog post I wrote about my body image journey and wanting to get back into exercising without all the connections to a bad relationship with my body? I’m still on track. Despite my recent health complications, I’ve been really keeping on top of my running and workouts and it has made me feel so much more comfortable and confident in my own body, not to mention how wonderful it is to take 30 minutes out of my day to just leave everything behind and go out for a run. I’m still training for the Canberra Times Fun Run in September (you can sponsor me HERE), but the focus has shifted from making sure my fitness level is high enough to make it through to actually enjoying it. Hurrah!
  5. BEING PART OF THE WOMEN’S COLLECTIVE DIRECTORY. I’d been following the Women’s Collective on Facebook for a number of months for inspiration (check out their website if you haven’t already – they’re a bunch of kickarse Canberra women), when I suddenly thought, Why do I think I’m not good enough to be a part of this? The switch flipped a couple weeks ago when I decided I was going to start taking myself and my blog seriously, instead of feeling ashamed and caught-out whenever anyone I knew mentioned my blog. To make it official, my blog is now currently listed in their directory under “Blogger” alongside other amazing and big blogs in the Canberra region like A Stylish Moment and Debbie With A Why, and it’s something I’m very proud of.