5 Highlights of August

Where has this month gone?! I can’t believe it’s already spring and we’re three quarters of the way through the year. As much as I am an absolute lover of winter, I’m looking forward to mild, sunny days, a good ol’ spring clean and a few new additions to my wardrobe in the ‘shorter-sleeved and more-leg’ department. This past month has been a busy one and yet I feel like I did very little. The majority of the month was spent catching up on assignments, writing essays and preparing for my uni mid-semester exams, which I don’t really need to bore you with. However, I’ve got a few highlights that stand out when I think back on this month, so keep reading…

  1. MORE HOME TIME. This might sound crazily boring to a lot of you, but I’m an introvert and lots of evenings out, places to be and people to meet really takes its toll on me. July was crazy – I was out every other day for an event or concert or theatre production, so I really enjoyed coming home and just chilling out in August. My boyfriend and I have watched a lot of Netflix’s Rick and Morty this month, and it’s been nice having time in the evening to cook together and actually plan and enjoy our meals. I’ve also moved all my ‘work and uni’ study stuff from the dining room table to another room with a proper desk, and I feel like having my own space dedicated to getting shit done has boosted my productivity in the last couple weeks.
  2. THE AUSTRALIAN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA’S ‘MOUNTAIN’. My boyfriend loves classical music, but me? Not such a fan. However, give me a LIVE SOUNDTRACK to screening of an artsy documentary and I’m all over it. The Australian Chamber Orchestra has just released their own documentary/film ‘Mountain’ in collaboration with BAFTA-nominated Jennifer Peedom, with the soundtrack composed and curated by ACO’s own musical director, Richard Tognetti, and they toured with the opening screenings across the major cities in Australia. It was amazing. I’m a huge fan of the ACO – they’re kinda edgy and young and cool for an orchestra – and to experience the music live to their film was just incredible.
  3. FASHFEST IS APPROACHING. Technically not dedicated to the month of August, but the hype around the Canberra fashion festival is growing. It’s a once-a-year opportunity to experience and celebrate the amazing creative community in Canberra – from designers to models to hair to makeup to photographers to bloggers… the list goes on. This year, I’ll be even more involved in FASHFEST, so watch this space. (And don’t forget to get your tickets HERE!)
  4. SHIRTY SCIENCE. As a (technically! Psychology counts!) science student also interested in design, the launch of Canberra-based Shirty Science was SUPER exciting. Shirty Science brings artists together with research scientists to represent their (incredibly important) research  in graphic t-shirt designs, in the aim to spark a conversation about science in the community. I’ve just ordered a shirt (the dementia one, if you’re interested), so you’re sure to see it pop up on my Instagram feed as the weather warms up. You can order your own HERE.
  5. TRAINING FOR THE CANBERRA TIMES FUN RUN. It was all going amazingly until I got sick about a week into August and ended up in bed for 7 days. I’m still, unfortunately, not quite recovered, but I’ve realised that doesn’t mean I should just scrap it. Exercise and fitness is going to fluctuate – I may only be able to walk the Fun Run on Sunday – but the important thing is to just enjoy it and keep on. I won’t stop running after Sunday, I’ll just look forward to growing closer to my next goal. If you didn’t catch my blog post about why I’m running (or walking, as the case may be) the Canberra Times Fun Run, you can read it HERE.

I hope you all had a brilliant August – here’s to looking forward to Floriade and FASHFEST and all the exciting things in September!