2018 Dreams for Life By Ronja

I’m sorry if people are completely sick of New Year’s Resolutions and all that jazz by now, but I personally find the beginning of a new year a really good opportunity to take a grateful but deeper look at achievements of the past year and how you can improve going forward. As a recovering perfectionist (I’m trying to be less hard on myself), I’m still very interested in analysing where I am now and where I would like to be, and strive to take pride in all aspects of my life – including here on my blog. I’ve been thinking a little about where I would like to take Life By Ronja in 2018, and, instead of limiting myself to only thinking of achievable ‘goals’, I’ve put together a list of ‘dreams’ of what I would absolutely love to do within the scope of this blog and brand. I’d love to hear your dreams, too, for 2018, so let me know what you would love to happen, no matter how big.


I don’t want¬†Life By Ronja¬†to just be another blog. If I’m not offering something unique, something that’s a true expression of my vision and personality, then I honestly don’t see why anyone would want to come back here. One of my absolute dreams (once I work out how to use the Adobe Creative Suite that’s sitting on my computer!) is to bring my sketches and artwork to mesh with my photography and writing, to bring some more personality to the blog. One of my fellow blogger friends, Edit By Wendy, uses writing on her photos and it makes the posts all that more interesting and raw. I’ll let you know how I get on!


Another dream would be to introduce some videos to the mix! I used to make a lot of home videos and travel vlogs and really miss the realness of it. I’m hoping over the next coming months to purchase a decent vlogging camera and make some clips where you can follow me to events or see behind the scenes a bit. The ANU Fashion and Beauty Society (of which I’m President for this year!) has their own YouTube channel, and we’re hoping to launch a podcast for them, too, so I’m super excited to try out some new media.


I’m a bit shy, so standing in front of the camera rather than behind it is a bit daunting to me. But I’d love to produce some more fashion shoots, if only to get my confidence up about both modelling clothing and my style choices. I’m going to try to ignore the voice in my head telling me I look rubbish because I’m not following the latest trends and instead focus on what really made me start this blog – the creativity of it.


I ran myself into the ground during the first half of the year (and quite a bit in the second half, as well, if I’m completely honest) and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that, because it was all so new and exciting and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, I accepted almost every invite to an event, concert, performance. Some weeks I was out every second night for something and it took a bit of a toll on my mental and physical health because of everything else I was juggling at the time. There may not be as many event reviews this year, but I’m hoping that more original creative content will make up for it.


I think there was a turning point in 2017 for many people where they realised they can make small choices that can have a big impact on our earth’s wellbeing. That happened for me, as well. I’d like to buy and consume less, and be one of the many voices for change. No one’s perfect, but I can definitely make small changes and advocate for slow fashion, and I hope that will be reflected in my blog content this year.